The following reports were presented at the November Open Forum

Traffic and Transport

Current actions:
Parking at school – this continues to be a problem.  We plan to keep up the profile through the school newsletter, and will be working on other ways in which we can support the school over this issue.

Buses – John (ex bus driver)  has worked on an alternative timetable for improved services through the village, with links to the wider area including Grange Moor, Houses Hill, Wakefield, Batley etc. The idea is to present these ideas to the bus companies to see if we can get more services running through the village instead of relying on the 262 and having to make connections.

Speed signs etc – David is working on our ‘20s Plenty’ campaign, and we have had support for this from others in the village.  There is currently a petition about speed of traffic through the village, which has been set up by a resident of Stafford Hill Lane.  We have made contact and she is keen to work with the Transport group on this issue.

Community Safety Update

Since my last report I’ve been out with the PSCO on two of her shifts to see what her job entails – one during the day and one on a Saturday night in town. I have written up the experiences on the website. See
I’m trying to raise the profile of PACT by
# minutes of the meetings are put on the web site
# Weekly crime figures are put on the website
# I inform NW group coordinators dates of PACT meetings
# I attend PACT meetings when I can

In the light of a recent cold calling incident which resulted in a robbery I’m investigating the support for ‘no cold calling zones’ in some areas of the village.
Sue Bowyer


The winter pansies are now dug in and lots of people have given favourable comments. Thanks to Michael Bowyer for helping to collect them and to all volunteers who turned up on the day.
We continue to explore possibilities for this focal point of the village and suggestions are welcome.
Dog Fouling
KBPC are going to place one of their dog dispenser bag units on Bankfield Lane near the cricket field.
The Dog Warden is looking for volunteers to be members of a dog watch scheme.
Hanging Baskets
A grant has been applied for to cover the costs of providing new brackets to hang extra baskets.
McDonalds have responded to concerns about the amount of take away debris especially around the Tandem, Lower Lascelles Hall and near the Church. They are going to increase litter patrols in the short term and intend liaising with Kirklees and Yetton Together for a more long term solution
The ‘Transy’ and ‘Low Fold’ have now become live files in Kirklees. The ‘Transy’ application is complete but the ‘Low Fold’ is not. YT was invited by council to complete. After discussion at the meeting on 9.10.12 the steering group voted to be the named applicant. After delivering and posting notices new information has come forward. It is important that any residents who have evidence as to the ownership of the land, usage of the path or knowledge of existence or non existence of a right of way need to contact the Kirklees Footpath Officer Giles Cheetham at

Food & Energy

On 20th October working group volunteers transformed the roundabout from its summer display to the winter display which includes pansies and bulbs.  A plaque has also been erected acknowledging Yetton Together’s volunteers contribution.
Our new mini orchard – an assortment of apple, pear and plum trees was successfully planted on the morning of Saturday, 10 November, sited off Heaton Moor Road,  in ideal weather conditions.  Following an appeal for volunteers, we received an excellent turn out, which made the job very easy.
The web site contains full details and photos of both projects.

Good Neighbour Scheme